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Emilie Rose Danno Film Reel

Emilie Rose Danno Film Reel

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Emilie Rose Danno Film Reel

Little Shop Of Horrors


In The Heights Reel

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My Bio

HI! I'm Emilie Rose. 

I'm having a blast living my life in imaginary circumstances. I'm an improviser, actor, singer, and puppeteer at Big Mouth Talent. I was born into a highly creative Puerto Rican and Italian Family. They have passed down their love of music, food, Cafe Bustelo, and a fiery spirit. I will be apperaing next as Piglet, Roo, and Kanga  In "Disney's Winnie The Pooh Show" Scroll down for more info!

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Published Reviews

Snappy, Spirited and Saucy


Malapert Love At The Artistic Home

Hester’s cast is excellent. Declan Collins is attractive, gentle and absolutely delightful as the devoted servant, Skip. Petite Emilie Rose Danno turns in a performance of colossal comic genius, proving she’s one fierce actress. Emilie’s gift is that she’s able to speak louder through her facial expressions than most actors can with their voices

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Emilie Rose Danno Nominated For "Best Performer In A Musical"

Emilie Rose Danno is nominated for Broadway World Reginal Theatre Awards "Best Performer In A Musical" for playing Audrey in "Little Shop Of Horrors". The link to vote is above.


 Audrey, the apple of Seymour’s eye, is brought to life by Emilie Rose Danno with the perfect accent and body-hugging wardrobe. Any guy would be lucky to have Danno’s brand of arm candy by his side.

Both Danno and Yacullo look for the truth of their character throughout the performance. Every action and reaction is calculated and thought out. You can’t help but to respect and enjoy their performances.

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"Around The Town"

Alan Bresloff

Highly Recommended ***** I know in the past, when it came to shows at The Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in Arlington Heights, I have been unkind, but the current production of “Avenue Q” took my breath away!

The love of Princeton’s life is Kate Monster ( handled by the adorable Emilie Rose Danno), who wants to find her mate, but of greater import, to establish a school for monsters so they can be treated as equals.

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Around The Town-Barbara Vitello

Yacullo and Danno, the production's likable leads, are strong singers whose vulnerability makes them convincing as broken dreamers. That quality is especially effective in "Somewhere That's Green," an ode to life's simple things, winsomely performed by Danno. Yacullo is equally endearing as a well-meaning man seduced by celebrity.

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Metropolis’ ‘Avenue Q’ provides an R-rated and hilarious adults-only revisit to the ‘Street’

By Erika Brown Thomas

Kate Monster (Emilie Rose Danno), in a world where puppets are part of societal norms and strife, brings to life the disrespect and flagrant prejudice her character experiences for simply being a “monster.” Danno easily brings an honesty and likeability to the young monster’s story, especially when also exploring the ups and downs of her romantic relationship with Princeton. A particular standout moment for Danno is her Act I finale ballad, “There’s A Fine, Fine Line.”

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Chicagoland Musical Theatre - Highly Recommended

Critical in this reviewer’s thought-process about this particular show is the need for two specific songs to be sung extraordinarily well for the production to have merit—the first act’s Audrey ballad, “Somewhere That’s Green,” and act two’s Audrey/Seymour duet, “Suddenly Seymour.” Indeed, the lovely Emilie Rose Danno as Audrey and Mark Yacullo as Seymour absolutely deliver, shining in these roles throughout the entire production-" Barry Reszel"

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In The Heights-Around The Town ★★★★★

In The Heights ★★★★★-Around The Town

The cast is dynamic and highly energetic. Usnavi’s girlfriend, Vanessa is played by the lovely Emilie Rose Danno ( another one that should be grabbed by local theater companies)

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Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 4.12.33 PM_edi

Barney The Elf-Other Theater

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" - Chicago Reader
"Sensational!" - AroundTheTownChicago
"truly enjoyable..." - Chicago On Stage
"BARNEY goes above and beyond..." - ChiILL Live Shows 
"Theatrical comfort food...BARNEY is worthwile and effervescent." - New Edge Media


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